Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Tumbling we will go....

Hey All.

I trust we're all doing well and in preparation for the upcoming Holidays.  Whether it be spending it with family and loved ones or just catching some much deserved R&R.  I wish you all a safe and happy time.

So whats new since August?  Well, I got a fresh batch of Ti GBi's out again and these have been tumbled finished and engraved with the NukoTools logo.  In Natural and Heat Tinted Blue.

These Bad boys are up for sale at a reduced price for the holidays at $55USD (Natural) or $60USD (Blue) shipped anywhere in Canada and U.S.  Get them now before I run out of stock.

You can send payment to my Paypal account at along with your quantities and shipping address.

Have a Great Holiday all


Sunday, August 14, 2011

NEW AND IMPROVED GBi - Now with Riboflavin!!

Hey all!

Hope your all doing well.  Been way too long....again....since the last entry.  Not much got done since what with the day job and family stuff.  But I finally got in some production time on a Ti project I had been wanting to work on for a really long time.

So here at last for your consideration.  The New Titanium GBi.

These are 1/4" titanium Double Knuckle Impact Tools that were hydrocut then hand-finished.  Heat coloured or brushed finished is available at the moment.  A bronzy gold is also in the works and available later on.  Finger holes are 24mm in diameter ( about a 14+ ring size)

Each GBi is distinctive from one another in finish and heat coloring.  Each one has their own character. 

Designed to go on your key ring Easy Peasy and instantly ready to Rawk and Roll.

You can Paypal $65USD to to have one shipped anywhere in Canada or United States.  Overseas please contact me for additional shipping costs.

Drop me a line with any questions you may have.

Have a better One.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Canadian Knifemakers Guild show 2011...

Hey All!

Coming this March 12th, 2011 is the Canadian Knifemakers Guild show here in Toronto.  An awesome collection of some of the finest knifemakers in Canada congregating under one roof to display their creative pieces.  You can check out details of the show here.

I'll be there with friends from The USN Forum checking out all the goodies.

Stay tune for some cool pics at the show.

Till next time Have a better one.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Punch Rings in the works....

Hey All!

Been a busy past few months,  Lots of new things coming down the pipe. Here's a Prototype preview of the goodies to come.

We have a new Single and Double knuckle punch ring slated for production.  They'll be both in G10 and Dark Brown Micarta.

 Available in a few weeks, depending on the chilly Canadian weather here.  Can't seem to spend any productive time in a frozen workshop garage.

New Punch Ring and Double Knuckle will be selling for $25 and $35 respectively.  Stay tune for availability.

Have a better one!