Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post Traumatic Xmas Disorder recovery....

Hey All!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  Mine was plagued with a record breaking ice storm here in Toronto that took out power to over 500,000 residential and businesses.  I was fortunate to get power back only after 26 hours.  Up till now there residents that are still waiting for power to come back on since Dec 21st.

So did everyone get all that they wanted for Xmas?  I got absolutely everything I wanted as I was particularly generous to myself this year.  A new CNC, a BIG ASS Vibratory Tumbler, loads of G10 and TITANIUM stock.  Yeah, Titanium for some future goodies!!  Stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile I have some freshly milled G10 Punchrings and NukoHeads!  These are the FATBOY series, coming in at a hefty 3/8" thick Black G10.  Thats almost twice as thick as the original punchrings and nukoheads.  The extra thickness proved a bit more comfy during "spirited" use.  AND prices are still the same as before.

Punchrings are $25usd

NukoHeads are $35usd

Tracked and Insured shipping is an additional $17usd.  You can Paypal you order to

and be sure to include the details of your order items in the Paypal comment box.  Please check that your shipping address is current with Paypal.

Thank you once again for the support and interest for NukoTools and I promise an great year to come with more goodies and some surprises!

Have a Better one!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Seasons Greetings to Everyone!

Hope this blogs finds you all doing well. Been a great year for Nukotools thanks to all your support.  There will be BIGGER things to come for 2014.  Starting with a new CNC moving into the workshop.

Titanium NukoHeads will be finally go into production.  The introduction of The Dirty Hooker will will arrive.  If you like the Tactical Butter Knife you'll love The Dirty Hooker.

And KNIVES!!  I'm taking the leap with a couple of friction folders that will be unique and multifunctional.

Meanwhile I have a fresh batch of the new Fatboy NukoHeads and Punchrings.  Same ol' Evilness but this time Super-Sized.  3/8" thick Black G10.

Prices remain the same for the rest of 2013 till the New Years.  $25usd for the Punchrings and $35usd for the NukoHeads.  All prices include regular shipping anywhere in Canada and USA.  Tracked and Insured shipping please add $17usd.  You can place your orders thru Paypal at

and be sure to include details of your order in the Paypal comment box.

Need a Titanium ACDTv2?  

Git dem right here at WWW.PVK.COM   

Again, Thank You to those who have followed and supported Nukotools.  I will be bringing out new delights for your pockets in 2014.

Stay Safe and Best Wishes to you and yours.


 Hell-OO Ladies....

Friday, June 28, 2013

Grind Out! Look wut I made Momma!

Hey All.

Just a quick post on a few TBK orders  I've put together this week. Textured Scales in Toxic Green, OD Green, and Safety Orange.  Open to taking orders now so get it in while I still have stock.  G10 colours are available as shown below.

$90usd shipped with tracking anywhere in Canada and USA.  Paypal your order to

and be sure to include details of your order in the Paypal comment box.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tactical Butter Knives Order List

Hey All.

The New NukoTools Tactical Butter knive is ready for the order list.  I will start orders this coming weekend.
The overall blade is Stainless Steel in a heat tinted finish.  Laser Etched Logo.  G10 scales in either Black, Brown, OD Green, Orange, Tan, Jade, Toxic Green and Pink.  You can also request Textured Scales.

The TBK will sell for $80usd and includes "Tracked Packet" airmail service via CanadaPost.  If you would like the textured finish on the scales please add $5.  All funds are in US dollars and orders can be Paypal'ed to

Limited to 50 pieces for this run.  Order early to avoid disappointment folks!

Have a better one!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nukotools Tactical Butter Knife.

Hey All.

Anyone here hate cold, solid butter in the morning?  SSeems no one else in the house has figured that compartment in the fridge door marked "BUTTER" is in fact FOR the !@#$% BUTTER!!!
Its hard to scrape up and spread on your toast, tearing everything up like a Mo'Fo.  Yeah, First World Problem.  So I got to figuring this to be a solution.

Ti Blade aggressively profiled with sharp serrations to cut tear into anything,  G10 scales (to come in various colors during production) given an organic texturing.  All bolted together by two Titanium Chain Ring Bolts.  Trying to decide on a sheath of some sort for it too.  Some fine tuning on teh overall design to come.....and a lanyard hole.

No pricing just yet.  Stay tuned for that announcement when I will be taking orders in about 3 weeks.

Have a Better One.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NukoHeads Sound oFF!!

Hoo-Rah!  New Batch of NukoHeads in G10.  We have them in Black, OD Green, Orange and  PINK!!!

These puppies are shipping for $35usd each and include Light Packet shipping (no Tracking)

You can Paypal your order to

Be sure to specify your item and color in the Paypal comment box.

Next up!  Some Lovelies for the Ladies....stay tuned

Have a Better One!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What are you getting for Mom this May 12th....

What every Mom should have on Mothers Day....  :P

$25 usd Paypal to

Order now to avoid late delivery.  Shipping takes about 7 to 10 working days thru regular CanadaPost services.  ExpressPost service please email  me for quote.

Have a Better Day.


More G10 Nuko Goodies

Hello All.

A little behind on postings but better late than never.  We finally got the Single NukoTool punchrings cut and finished last weekend.  They are in stock in a bunch of colors including Black, Blue and OD Green...

$25usd Paypal to

These punchrings are ready for shipping anywhere in Canada and USA.  Stay tuned for more offerings in the coming week.

Have a Better One.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey Ladies!!!!

FINALLY!  We've gotten around to getting some Pink G10 and did a short run of the NukoHeads ( formally GBi's)

They're the same dimensions as the original Titanium versions (which happen to be all sold out) and are on sale for $35usd each shipped anywhere in Canada and USA.

You can Paypal your order to

Stay tuned for more colours to come in the next few weeks!  They're will also be a new batch of the Single Nuko Punchrings too!

Have a Better One!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

NEW!! Titanium A.C.D.T. 2nd Gen.

Re-Introducing the A.C.D.T. 2nd Gen.

Some of you may remember the original Atomic Cranial Divot Tool. This time around I've revamped the overal shape and included a bit more function.

Primary function is to conveniently carry your keys on your belt loop. Loop it in and it rides securely along with you. 

The A.C.D.T. free's up your pockets from unsightly pocket bulge and risks of testicular ouchies from keys tips.

These Titanium Key fobs also well equiped to crack open a refreshing bottled beverage or an unwelcomed Mofo. Available in Heat tinted blues or natural Tumbled Ti finish.

$50 usd (shipped anywhere in Canada and USA) Orders can be paid thru Paypal at

Orders or inquiries can be sent to the same address.

Have a Better One!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey All.

Dunno about you guys but I just broke my back shoveling the driveway and walkway of snow 4 times yesterday.  Nice little snowfall dumping on us Canucks yesterday.  At least I had a great excuse to stay home from work.  :P

So aside from snow shoveling I gathered up the rest of my inventory for sale.  And here they are.

NUKOHEADS in Titanium.  $45 each

I can even do a nice Purple Haze for ya if you like at no extra cost. 
I just like playing with fire...

We still have the G10 Single Nuko Punchrings in stock.  Those are the ones that started NukoTools.
These silent key fob protectors are $20 each

They even come in Stainless Steel $40each.

All prices include shipping anywhere in Canada and USA.  Orders and Payment can be sent via Paypal to

If you wish you can drop me a line at

Thanks for looking and  Have and Better One...


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stainless Steel to start off the New Year

Hey All.

Hope everyone is enjoying a good start to the New Year.

Just got back with these Stainless Steel Single Nuko Punchrings.  Laser etched logo in a bronzy color. Very cool.  Deburred edges and natural finish to them.  Ready to dispense some Authority.

$40usd Shipped anywhere in Canada and USA.  International will be a few dollars more.  Please contact us at to order.  Paypal Payment to be made to the same email address.

Stay tuned for more goodies and check out our Facebook page.

Have a better one.