Friday, November 26, 2010

NukoTools GBi. Locked, Cocked and ready to Rock.

Hey All.

Finally got the GBi's done up.  They are now ready to ship in limited quantities.  3/8" Black G10 Handcut and shaped.  2" diameter for discreet carry.

Paypal $35USD ( will have one shipped to your doorstep anywhere in Canada or USA.

Overseas orders are welcome for additional shipping costs.  Please contact me for details.

Remember, these are limited.

Have a Better One,


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey hey hey All!

Hope you're all doing well.  The hussle and bussle to fill out all the ACDT orders have come to an end.  I'm discontinuing the ACDT's now.  Thank you to all that have ordered one and I most appreciate your support.  Still have about 3 units left for $25USD shipped anywhere in North America.

Still have a few NUKO Punch rings in stock.  Grab 'em up for stocking stuffers this coming Xmas, eh?  $15USD shipped.  Buy more than one and get a discount....

And so I will be moving onto the GBi's.  The latest revision includes a quick trip to the orthodontist and now it's sporting some serious fangs.  Just in time for halloween!!  : P  Guaranteed to tear up any flesh with moderate impact.

I'm doing a very limited run of these GBi's so drop me a line if you want one or more.  They're going for $40USD each, shipped to you anywhere in Canada or States side.  Shipping overseas will be a little more.

Any questions email me at



P.S. Stay tune for my next tool.....the NUKO A.S.S.  Yeah, you'll want one just to call by name...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grin and Beat It!

Hey All!

A new development from my idle mind...

A small round double NUKO punch Ring with some good energy transfer via a set of teeth.  Impressionable? That's Affirmative.  Comfy?  Yeah, go to town on it.  Fits good in most hands and fingers.

  Just debating whether to leave the 'teeth' straight or introduce a sharpened point.  Perhaps that can be an option when I have these available for ordering.

Stay Tune!!

Have a Better One,


Friday, August 6, 2010


Hoo-Yah!!  They are done folks!  My first ACDT batch of a dozen are available to order. 

To order simply send payment of $25USD to and I will ship it free anywhere in North America.  International buyers must email me at first for shipping prices.

Have a Better One!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ACDT's in da House!!

Hey Folks! 
Hope this blog finds ya'll doin' well.  FINALLY!!  Got the push I needed to get these ACDT's in motion.  Thanks Vincent!!

I've started up on the cutting and so far so good.  Nice to have the little workshop up and running and getting my "little implements of pain" into production.  I am using 3/8" G10 fibre board as oppose to the 1/4" originally proposed.  I found it would fit in your fist more comfy for "spirited" usage.

Here's a couple pieces after prelinimary cutting...

Then some refining cuts....

These pieces will be off to the grinder next and after some buffing will be ready for the first orders.  If your interested in aquiring your very own ACDT please email me at NUKOTOOLS for orders or inquiries. 

Each handmade ACDT will be $25USD with FREE shipping anywhere in North America.  Orders of more than one will receive some discounting.

Stay tuned while I get back to the grind....

Have a Better One,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

NUKOTools Punch ring review on YouTube!!

Hey All.

Hope everyone is doing alright.  Just caught the YouTube review of my NUKO punch ring and I'm totally stoked.  Y'all gotta check it out here .  A big THANK YOU to 2XWC for the awesome review.

So whats the dilly-yo with the ACDT?  Its getting there folks.  Too many things, too little time in the day.  I got materials in and tweaking jigs for production.  Soon my Precious....soon.

Have a Better One!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Godfather of NUKO Tools

Hey All.

Was organizing the house when I came across this little piece.  I could say it would be the very first NUKO Punch ring ever made.  Since I lacked the equipment at the time I had a local knifesmith (reluctantly) make it for me.  Made from Spring Steel this was originally the prototype of what was to come.  However metal manufacturing was a tad difficult for me.

It's a one off and I can be persuaded to part with it for the right price.  Might toss it up on Ebay to see what it will fetch.

Speaking of Ebay I have an incredible item up for bid.  It is an Atwood Tools DLC MSOP Thing.!!!  Check out my posting 

It looks like a hot item for sure and all proceeds will go to my new 2010 E-Bike project.

Stay tune...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New things to come....

Hey All!

Just settling into our new home now after the big move.  Man, way too much junk we've collected in just a few years.  Turns out a lot of the stuff we've moved will end up getting tosses, recycled or donated.  Coulda save myself a lot of backbreaking work....

So I'm slowly getting my workshop in shape and that will mean ACDT production. 

I know some of you have been eagerly awaiting them and I'm even more eager to get them done for you.  : )

So what else is coming down the pipe?  Here's a Sneeky-Boo at another little piece I've yet to name.

 Till next time Have a Better One...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Products...

Hey All!

Hope you had a Safe and Happy Holiday.  A New Year is upon us and a brighter future for NukoTools is coming.  Right now the NUKO Impact Ring is selling over at The Lanyard Zone.  Pick a few up and while you're there checkout the awesome handmade Lanyards.  TLZ also carries the coolest pewter skulls to dress up your Knives, Flashlight or anything else that may need a Lanyard.  You can even get them with brilliant glowing eyes too. Here's a few sample Lanyards adorning my RaidOps Tactical EDC knives.

Also I'm about to set up my new workshop so the ACDT will be in production as early as Spring.  Keep your eyes peeled for them.  There will be a short run of them and I will post on this blog the availability as I churn them out.  You know you WANT you very own Atomic Cranial Divot Tool.  >: D
Peek a Boo...

Till then Stay Safe!