Sunday, June 19, 2016


Need a Nukohead in G10 or Carbon fiber?  Drop by Hi Consumption for your NukoTools and MORE!!!!  Please check your wallet at the door and kis it good-bye.  This site is loaded with toys, toys and more toys geared for the boys of all ages.  Great place to check out especially on Fathers Day.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hey All.

Another update but this time with something new and exciting!!!  Its been high time to put out something new and today I am introducing the new Titanium MOGWAI

Solid 1/2" Titanium Double Knuckle Fury that gives a luxurious heft in the hand with ergonomic comfort even during spirited applications.  Added features are notches for opening beers or the occasional Ugly Mug.

Production will begin soon and hoping to have stock for the upcoming holidays.  BUT till then you may be lucky enough to buy one of the first preproduction piece.  Check out my Instagram Account postings.  Going up tonight so don't miss it.

Any inquiries please email me at  Its the best way to reach me.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Hey All.

Hope this blog posting find you doing well.  Its been a great summer with a lot of new developments. 

First would be my new dealer  Not only do they carry all the current Nukotools impact tools but a host of other goodies fit for EDC and tactical carry.  Visit their website and prepare to surrender your wallet.  :D  Especially if you're a fan of Quartermaster knives.  

Stay tuned for more developing news or better yet visit my Instagram page for the latest and greatest goodies coming out of my new workshop.

Till then, Have a better one.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

FINALLY!  A new posting after all these months!!  Today we're announcing a new NukoHead in Carbon Fiber.  1/2" thick yet lighter than the 3/8" G10 Fatboy NukoHeads.  Very comfy in the hand.  Available NOW!  $55usd plus $17usd for tracked and insured shipping within Canada and USA.  International available for additional cost.  Please email me at nukotools-at-gmail-com for ordering details.



Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hey All.

Years ago I found to cover just an incredible selection of knives and accessories.  I've ordered quite a few hard to come by pieces from them.  After I got NukoTools started I got to talking to the owner Josh and he's been carrying my product line since.  There you'll find the new FatBoy Punchrings and NukoHeads and is carrying the Titanium ACDT exclusively in North America.

So check them out and see the incredible selection of knives and accessories they carry.

More dealers to be listed shortly.

Till then, Have a Better One!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

THE LANYARD ZONE , NukoTools first dealer

Hey All.

Hope this blog entry finds you all doing well.  Looks like we're finally getting some lovely Spring weather after the incredibly long and chilling winter.  My garage workshop was actually rendered frozen and it was next to impossible to do any work.  But now that things have thawed out I'm eager to get my workshop retooled and organised for my new CNC machine.  And with that a load of goodies will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile I'm listing my dealers around the world that will fill your NukoTools need with pretty much any items I have to offer.  All Dealers will carry the new G10 FatBoy Punchrings and NukoHeads.  Some will have the ACDT's too.  Certain dealers will have special limited items here and there.  I'll be listing those on my Blog here and also Facebook and also InstaGram.  

So lets start with

Please visit for your Lanyard and Beads needs. They carry a wide selection of carefully crafted beads and handmade 'to order' lanyards. They are also the first dealer to carry NukoTools since we began. They can ship anywhere in Canada and USA and some EU countries.

Stay tuned for more dealers to come.

Have a Better One,


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post Traumatic Xmas Disorder recovery....

Hey All!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  Mine was plagued with a record breaking ice storm here in Toronto that took out power to over 500,000 residential and businesses.  I was fortunate to get power back only after 26 hours.  Up till now there residents that are still waiting for power to come back on since Dec 21st.

So did everyone get all that they wanted for Xmas?  I got absolutely everything I wanted as I was particularly generous to myself this year.  A new CNC, a BIG ASS Vibratory Tumbler, loads of G10 and TITANIUM stock.  Yeah, Titanium for some future goodies!!  Stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile I have some freshly milled G10 Punchrings and NukoHeads!  These are the FATBOY series, coming in at a hefty 3/8" thick Black G10.  Thats almost twice as thick as the original punchrings and nukoheads.  The extra thickness proved a bit more comfy during "spirited" use.  AND prices are still the same as before.

Punchrings are $25usd

NukoHeads are $35usd

Tracked and Insured shipping is an additional $17usd.  You can Paypal you order to

and be sure to include the details of your order items in the Paypal comment box.  Please check that your shipping address is current with Paypal.

Thank you once again for the support and interest for NukoTools and I promise an great year to come with more goodies and some surprises!

Have a Better one!