Saturday, April 5, 2014

THE LANYARD ZONE , NukoTools first dealer

Hey All.

Hope this blog entry finds you all doing well.  Looks like we're finally getting some lovely Spring weather after the incredibly long and chilling winter.  My garage workshop was actually rendered frozen and it was next to impossible to do any work.  But now that things have thawed out I'm eager to get my workshop retooled and organised for my new CNC machine.  And with that a load of goodies will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile I'm listing my dealers around the world that will fill your NukoTools need with pretty much any items I have to offer.  All Dealers will carry the new G10 FatBoy Punchrings and NukoHeads.  Some will have the ACDT's too.  Certain dealers will have special limited items here and there.  I'll be listing those on my Blog here and also Facebook and also InstaGram.  

So lets start with

Please visit for your Lanyard and Beads needs. They carry a wide selection of carefully crafted beads and handmade 'to order' lanyards. They are also the first dealer to carry NukoTools since we began. They can ship anywhere in Canada and USA and some EU countries.

Stay tuned for more dealers to come.

Have a Better One,



  1. That's a pretty cool vendor!

  2. Also, will you still be doing direct sales, or are your dealers taking over all sales?

  3. Hey Doc. I will personally take on some orders for custom items that I will be producing. Otherwise I would refer you to a dealer nearest you. Thanks!