Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Godfather of NUKO Tools

Hey All.

Was organizing the house when I came across this little piece.  I could say it would be the very first NUKO Punch ring ever made.  Since I lacked the equipment at the time I had a local knifesmith (reluctantly) make it for me.  Made from Spring Steel this was originally the prototype of what was to come.  However metal manufacturing was a tad difficult for me.

It's a one off and I can be persuaded to part with it for the right price.  Might toss it up on Ebay to see what it will fetch.

Speaking of Ebay I have an incredible item up for bid.  It is an Atwood Tools DLC MSOP Thing.!!!  Check out my posting 

It looks like a hot item for sure and all proceeds will go to my new 2010 E-Bike project.

Stay tune...