Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ACDT's in da House!!

Hey Folks! 
Hope this blog finds ya'll doin' well.  FINALLY!!  Got the push I needed to get these ACDT's in motion.  Thanks Vincent!!

I've started up on the cutting and so far so good.  Nice to have the little workshop up and running and getting my "little implements of pain" into production.  I am using 3/8" G10 fibre board as oppose to the 1/4" originally proposed.  I found it would fit in your fist more comfy for "spirited" usage.

Here's a couple pieces after prelinimary cutting...

Then some refining cuts....

These pieces will be off to the grinder next and after some buffing will be ready for the first orders.  If your interested in aquiring your very own ACDT please email me at NUKOTOOLS for orders or inquiries. 

Each handmade ACDT will be $25USD with FREE shipping anywhere in North America.  Orders of more than one will receive some discounting.

Stay tuned while I get back to the grind....

Have a Better One,


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