Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey hey hey All!

Hope you're all doing well.  The hussle and bussle to fill out all the ACDT orders have come to an end.  I'm discontinuing the ACDT's now.  Thank you to all that have ordered one and I most appreciate your support.  Still have about 3 units left for $25USD shipped anywhere in North America.

Still have a few NUKO Punch rings in stock.  Grab 'em up for stocking stuffers this coming Xmas, eh?  $15USD shipped.  Buy more than one and get a discount....

And so I will be moving onto the GBi's.  The latest revision includes a quick trip to the orthodontist and now it's sporting some serious fangs.  Just in time for halloween!!  : P  Guaranteed to tear up any flesh with moderate impact.

I'm doing a very limited run of these GBi's so drop me a line if you want one or more.  They're going for $40USD each, shipped to you anywhere in Canada or States side.  Shipping overseas will be a little more.

Any questions email me at



P.S. Stay tune for my next tool.....the NUKO A.S.S.  Yeah, you'll want one just to call by name...

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