Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey All.

Dunno about you guys but I just broke my back shoveling the driveway and walkway of snow 4 times yesterday.  Nice little snowfall dumping on us Canucks yesterday.  At least I had a great excuse to stay home from work.  :P

So aside from snow shoveling I gathered up the rest of my inventory for sale.  And here they are.

NUKOHEADS in Titanium.  $45 each

I can even do a nice Purple Haze for ya if you like at no extra cost. 
I just like playing with fire...

We still have the G10 Single Nuko Punchrings in stock.  Those are the ones that started NukoTools.
These silent key fob protectors are $20 each

They even come in Stainless Steel $40each.

All prices include shipping anywhere in Canada and USA.  Orders and Payment can be sent via Paypal to

If you wish you can drop me a line at

Thanks for looking and  Have and Better One...


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