Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nukotools Tactical Butter Knife.

Hey All.

Anyone here hate cold, solid butter in the morning?  SSeems no one else in the house has figured that compartment in the fridge door marked "BUTTER" is in fact FOR the !@#$% BUTTER!!!
Its hard to scrape up and spread on your toast, tearing everything up like a Mo'Fo.  Yeah, First World Problem.  So I got to figuring this to be a solution.

Ti Blade aggressively profiled with sharp serrations to cut tear into anything,  G10 scales (to come in various colors during production) given an organic texturing.  All bolted together by two Titanium Chain Ring Bolts.  Trying to decide on a sheath of some sort for it too.  Some fine tuning on teh overall design to come.....and a lanyard hole.

No pricing just yet.  Stay tuned for that announcement when I will be taking orders in about 3 weeks.

Have a Better One.