Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hello and thank you for dropping by. Lets begin with who and what we are.

Introducing the Nuko, ( pronounced 'knuckle') a range of small inconspicuous little key ring "accessories" that may prove to be the small advantage that can save you during an attack.

Made of G10 fiber board chosen for its durability NukoTools are implements for self defense that is easy to use. Small enough to be conveniently carried on a keyring the NUKO is discreet and can give you the element of surprise to your attacker, giving you precious moments to escape.

NukoTools was born of necessity. In todays world there is no such thing as security. You need to protect yourself from hostility of varying degrees. However our countries law seem to protect the criminals more so than the victims it seems. Criminals do not play by the rules and prey upon the defenseless law abidders.

We're not here to save the world or encourage drastic measures to protect oneself. Merely we've explored various avenues that may help us cope with the bad guys out there in a discreet manner.

Stay tune for more NukoTools coming up.  Next release will be another impact tool affectionately named the ACDT. (Atomic Cranial Divot Tool)

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