Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Products...

Hey All!

Hope you had a Safe and Happy Holiday.  A New Year is upon us and a brighter future for NukoTools is coming.  Right now the NUKO Impact Ring is selling over at The Lanyard Zone.  Pick a few up and while you're there checkout the awesome handmade Lanyards.  TLZ also carries the coolest pewter skulls to dress up your Knives, Flashlight or anything else that may need a Lanyard.  You can even get them with brilliant glowing eyes too. Here's a few sample Lanyards adorning my RaidOps Tactical EDC knives.

Also I'm about to set up my new workshop so the ACDT will be in production as early as Spring.  Keep your eyes peeled for them.  There will be a short run of them and I will post on this blog the availability as I churn them out.  You know you WANT you very own Atomic Cranial Divot Tool.  >: D
Peek a Boo...

Till then Stay Safe!



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