Saturday, August 25, 2012

NukoTools Contest!!

Hey All!

Excited with this new update!!  Am gearing up for a production run of a new design for a G10 key fob keeper.  Pictured here is the aluminum prototype but the production version will be 1/4" G10 in Black, OD Green and Orange G10

This little keeper will simple hangs in your belt loop and rides along with your set of keys.

And in a moment can be slipped off and utilized as an (suprisingly) impact tool.

Its hold very secure to your loop and is simple and convenient.  I've been carrying my proto for the past month and its proven to be very handy to have.

CONTEST TIME!  No name as of yet.  Thats where you guys come in.  Hit me up on my Facebook page and suggest a name.  If I chose it you will be the first to get a new G10 Key Fob AND a G10 single Nuko punch ring.  Yeah, it should be a nice score, eh?  Will collect suggested names till Sept 8th, 2012 then pick a winner.  Enter as many times as you like.  Be creative and quirky.

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Have a better One!


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