Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wut happened to September???

Hey All!

Been busy as hell with day job, family stuff and getting a few things setup in my humble workshop.  Got a new milling machine from my new partner Tom whom I'll be collaborating with on new projects.  We have some wickedness coming our way so stay tuned.

Meanwhile I got some new stuff made up, some oldies some new.  The new key fob naming contest ended up with the "Nuko Z-Key" being the winning name.  Thank you Jason P for your contribution.  So...How's it hangin' ?  :P

So after the prototypes were done up and tweaked then on to the making the G10 Batch of the Nuko Z-Keys.  First batch of OD Green Nuko Z-Keys.


just for shits and giggles I did up a batch of G10 GBi's since a bunch of you's keep emailing me about them.  I have a small run of these available now so get them now.  I dunno when or if I'll make these anymore in G10.

G10 GBi's are selling at $30usd

Nuko Z-Keys are $25usd

All prices include shipping for Canada and US.  International shipping will just  be a few bucks more.  Email me at  for details and to order.

Wuts that Orange G10 thingy in the back there you ask?  That would be the ne.9--- 1@#+_)(hhh
$&Jjj .... and will be available for November.  hee hee hee...  : P  You'll have to wait till next month....

Meanwhile I got an email from WMPYR from YouTube that had this idea regarding the NukoTool G10 punchring.  Check out the Video of the INGENIOUS utilization of the Nuko Punchring.

This gentleman saw the potential to extend the Punchring as a Karambit Add-On to your favourite pocket folder.  It works!  Thanks WMPYR!!  He even did a couple of videos on actual usage of the punchring.  Check out his channel for tons of awesome videos on Martial Arts and Weaponry.

Ok, gotta go grind sumthin now but I'll leave you with this.  Can you say


Have a better one!


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